History and Background of Manor Farm Feeds

Manor Farm Feeds first manufactured animal feeds for resale in 1986. Prior to this date, feeds were manufactured solely for feeding to Manor Farm’s own livestock.

Richard Harvey was able to combine his experience in livestock research and advisory work, with years of ‘hands-on’ farming experience, to give a practical bias to technical advice. When Jon Bland joined MF Feeds in 1992, his own technical training and practical farming background combined to give the business a unique combination of expertise.

Customer Service

MF Feeds have always aimed to give an efficient and personal service to customers. This has been achieved by retaining the essentially small and family nature of the business. Richard and Jon particularly enjoy providing customers with advice on the most appropriate feeding system for their livestock and then producing a special feed for their requirements. 

 "Thank you for all the wonderful service and advise you provide. Our livestock have never performed better"


Careful choice of ingredients and an open declaration of these ingredients has always been a cornerstone of feed design. Much of the grain used in the feed is grown at Manor Farm or on neighbouring farms. Other ingredients are sourced locally, as far as possible, and always from an accountable source. 


Consistent formulation of feed is a further guarantee of MF Feeds. Once a feed has been designed, the formula is not changed without consultation with the customer. This ensures that animals are not upset by sudden changes in diet, between batches, and that a customer is always receiving the feed that he expects.  


MF Feeds has become a regular supplier to many of the leading livestock producers in the Midlands and more recently, the south of England. This progress has only been achieved by meticulous adherence to high standards of production advice and service.