Cattle and calf

The first product to be manufactured by Manor Farm Feeds back in 1986 was our Calf Weaner 18 Coarse Mixture. This was designed for early weaning of bucket fed calves. This product is still available, and since that time a number of other products have been added to the range. 

  • Calf weaner 
  • 18Calf Wean n' Rear
  • Cattle Grower/Finisher

Calf weaner 18

An extremely palatable coarse mixture of ingredients, chosen for their palatability, digestibility to the pre-ruminant calf and their high nutritional status. It contains a high level of cooked and flaked maize, peas and beans. Coated in cane molasses

Feed ad libitum to bucket reared calves from one week of age. Wean calves when they are eating 1 kg of feed and continue feeding up to an intake of 2 kg/head/day.

Specification: Oil: 4%, Protein: 18%, Fibre: 9%, Ash: 6.5%

Ingredients: Barley, Linseed Expeller, Micronised Beans, Micronised Peas, Sugar Beet Pulp, Cane Molasses, Flaked Maize, Hi pro Soya, Locust Beans, Wheatfeed, Sopralin, Vitamins, Minerals and Soya Oil. 

Calf Wean n' Rear

A coarse mixture which has developed from the above product. Calf Wean n' Rear is suitable for feeding ad libitum to calves from 1 week up to 12 weeks of age. 

This feed contains a lower proportion of cooked flakes but otherwise contains the same top quality sources of energy and proteins as well as a very high level of mineral and vitamin inclusion. Highly palatable.

Specification: Oil: 3.5%, Protein: 16%, Fibre: 9%, Ash: 6%

Ingredients: Barley, Linseed Expeller, Sugar Beet Pulp, Micronised Peas, Micronised Beans, Cane Molasses, Flaked Maize, Hi pro Soya, Wheatfeed, Sopralin, Vitamins, Minerals and Soya Oil 

Cattle Grower/Finisher

A coarse mixture which is ideally suited as a follow on feed after either of the above rations. Start feeding from 8-12 weeks of age and suitable for feeing at all stages of growth including finishing

Specification: Oil: 3%, Protein: 14%, Fibre: 7.5%, Ash: 7%

Ingredients: Barley, Maize Gluten, Barley Malt Culms, Alfalfa, Sugar Beet Pulp, Maize Distillers, Cane Molasses, Linseed Expeller, Vitamins & Minerals